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Oh my god seriously people have a big fucking issue with this!
(Genders may have been changed to better hide identities)
Maybe that girls non pimpled face is the one thing she is really proud of, and when she gets her first black head and she’s having panic attacks, you shouldn’t just say “get over it, everyone has them”
Or maybe that guy who is having a bad hair day and is too scared to go out to that party, his hair defines how good he feels about himself, maybe you shouldn’t say “bro, shut the fuck up you sound like a pussy and lets go”
Maybe that girl hiding behind the oversized clothes is seriously freaking out about her size, maybe when she gets really depressed and tries to talk to you about it you shouldn’t say “oh my god! That’s what you were so scared about?? People have real problems, everyone has problems, people are out there dying. Shut up!”
Basically, I know people who have had this happen to them and it seriously scars them. I know a few people who can’t even talk about the subject anymore, or open up at all for that matter because of what someone they trusted said!!

(Source: cheesetriestohelp)

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